You don’t hire your employees on long-term contracts; don’t hire your online order provider that way. We have to earn your business every month, like the wait staff or kitchen staff, we serve at will.

If our system or service does not meet your needs, let us go. We are so confident that you and your customers will love our system; we don’t want to tie you down to a long-term commitment. (We’ve NEVER lost a customer due to poor service, ever!)


Our legal agreement is standard language that describes length of service, our commitment and trademark definitions. We bill your credit card on a month-to-month subscription to simplify administration. You don’t have to write a monthly check.

Do you own multiple locations? We support central billing.

That’s about it, easy, love us or leave us.
Contact RTO today (866) 932-4782 (866) WEB-GRUB.


Each location requires a separate form completed. The Restaurant Set-Up form provides our engineering team, the designers and customer support all the information we need manage each location. Click Here to get started.


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