Our 250+ restaurant brands know we have great technology and so do their consumers.

Real Time Ordering created our first online order program in 2002, nearly 10 years ago. Our philosophy of continuous improvement has made it better each year. Our founders’ roots are in physics and aerospace technology where nothing can EVER go wrong. Our three-layer integration method rides on a backbone technology with unparalleled reliability, bottom line it works every order, every time.


  • Seamless integration into your corporate website
  • Domain and email matching
  • Online credit card payments go directly to your bank
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant
  • Orders sent by fax, ticket Printer, email and many POS systems
  • Unlimited orders for a small monthly fee
  • Unlimited changes for a small monthly fee
  • Offer delivery? We offer the best delivery solution in the business
  • Admin access for reporting, menu updates, credit card returns, and more!

Technology Logos


Every Chain is Different, Every Restaurant is Different Whether you are a single-store operator or part of a chain, you own your operation. Corporate may mandate a certain POS solution or other technology methods, but we work to serve YOUR needs. Many of our chain customers face the challenge of inconsistency of POS and other technological integrations. We thrive on finding creative solutions. Our engineering team loves to push the envelope of what is possible. Whether you need a POS, FAX, IP printer, email or cell phone message, we promise your consumer that we will get their order to the right store in a timely fashion, and we do.

POS Integration
Real Time Ordering integrates with many of today’s leading restaurant POS solutions. We are open to additional integrations as well. We customized the interface to meet your needs and the specification of your system. Our three-layer integration technology allows fast customization at a low cost. We succeed where others fail.

IP Printer
Don’t want to tie in to your POS system, no problem, RTO works via an IP printer. A thermal printer connected to the internet will print out a receipt just like any other order. We connect with regular computer printers as well.

This proven technology requires no computers, just a phone line. Our software generates an automated phone call to alert your staff that another has arrived. Simply Press 1 to acknowledge and we send a confirmation with a receipt to your guest. Easy, reliable and cost effective. Our staff will even call you to let you know your FAX machine is out of paper or ink so you NEVER miss an order.