Many online order companies have technology that routes orders to restaurants. Real Time Ordering is different. Built from listening to customer’s needs, the RTO platform uniquely presents YOUR preferred experience online to your unique customer base. Most online order providers pre-determine the online experience. It’s an off-the-shelf template where one size fits all. At RTO, we really listen to your needs and extend your brand of hospitality online.


Our three-layer integration process allows fast customization of your needs, quickly and economically. Most online providers can’t be flexible, at RTO, our answer is YES.


Android, iPhone and Blackberry users appreciate our browser friendly screens. Add iPads to the mix and we help you surround consumers with easy-to-use, always-available tools to place orders, even on the go.

We build APPS – built for easy to read onscreen use
Affordable – best marketing expense of the month
Easy to Use – ask our 250+ restaurant brands
Full spectrum integration – POS, FAX, IP Printer or email

* Need an APP, we built them


Each Real Time Ordering site reflects the unique character of your restaurant. We co-create with you and push the limits.


One key to success online is the use of promotions and coupons. Real Time Ordering includes all of the standard coupons with your monthly subscription. Regular coupons include:

  1. % off for minimum ordered, i.e. 10% off
  2. $ off for minimum ordered, i.e. $2.00 off
  3. We also create custom Coupon Codes for a small additional fee per coupon code, i.e. $3.00 off when you order 2 large pizzas and a side dish.

Our administrative back-end allows you to create and control your own coupon codes. OR, simply call our Customer Support @ (866) 932-4782 (866) WEB-GRUB and we will do all the work.


Online ordering drives higher ticket averages. Consumers spend more when they see your full menu supported by our beautiful displays

An additional we include is a suggestive selling “pop-up”. Our flexible platform allows this pop-up to occur anywhere in the order process. Have a hot price that does not include beverages? Convert the consumer and pop-up “Add Your Drinks”.

Our intelligent pop-ups know when consumers add an item. If they add the standard “pop-up” item, the Real Time Ordering system, presents the consumer with another choice.


Do You Deliver? The Real Time Order system has a configurable delivery map option. Most online systems allow a radius delivery map, however most delivery areas feature lines you draw based on parks, freeways or rivers.

The RTO system allows you to set your delivery area by city block using a “push-pin” technology supported by Google Maps. The perfect solution for densely populated stores, especially useful for areas served by multiple franchisees.