Want more business? Today’s consumer expects to find your menu online and accessible through computers, smartphones and tablets. Real Time Ordering delivers. Since 2002, Real Time Ordering has managed restaurant menus online. With over 250 restaurant brands onboard, we have the experience, drive and intense market knowledge to meet your needs. Real Time Ordering is the most FLEXIBLE online company in the industry. Call us today


Our intuitive online menus easily move your customer from shopping to buying. With the most flexible online order platform in the business, we create the experience YOU want for YOUR customer. Most online companies offer an off the shelf solution, we listen then delight. Real Time Ordering’s Intelligent POP-UPS, drive higher ticket averages. We tie-in with your daily, weekly or quarterly specials and LTO’s to create consistent marketing across all your channels.


Android, iPhone and Blackberry users appreciate our browser friendly screens. Add iPads to the mix and we help you surround consumers with easy-to-use, always-available tools to place orders, even on the go.

We build APPS – built for easy to read onscreen use
Affordable – best marketing expense of the month
Easy to Use – ask our 250+ restaurant brands
Full spectrum integration – POS, FAX, IP Printer or email
* Need an APP, we built them


Print Tools Real Time Ordering supplies in-store printed tools so consumers can bookmark your unique microsite web address. We make it easy for your customers to return again and again. National statistics show that online ordering drives higher ticket averages. With Real Time Ordering’s intelligent “Pop-Up”, you will see the power of suggestive selling. Most online companies pop-up only at checkout, we enable this feature anywhere in the process.

Online Pop-Up – business builder

Our Pop Up is Smart! What if the customer ordered breadsticks? Silly to ask them not to forget the breadsticks. The RTO Intelligent Pop Up suggests another item.


Most online order companies tell you how their system works and you fit your business process around it. We don’t – we listen, really listen to your needs, your dreams and how YOU want to serve your consumer. We help you create a long-term online strategy and phase in. Our proprietary three-layer integration tool allows easy customization. This is how our legendary flexibility happens so quickly and affordably. Most online companies struggle to customize. They must reduce flexibility to minimize their costs. We LOVE the challenge, need extra mayo with that?